Arthur T. Brown House, Addition / Remodel

Arthur T. Brown House – Addition/Remodel

Size: 1,500 s.f.
The design is sensitive and challenging to incorporate an addition to a home that was designed by Architect Arthur T. Brown in the 1950’s. The existing design was innovative with sun radiant heat concepts and the first modern passive solar home in Tucson. The art to designing additions is to incorporate design concepts and materials of the existing structure into the design. The addition must complement the existing structure and have a continuous flow. The site was challenging with a restricted building area created by the swimming pool and building setbacks. The building area and height was maximized with setback reductions thru variance requests and approvals. The exterior materials are exposed stack bond concrete masonry units with aluminum storefront frame with insulated glass. The addition creates a private courtyard affect with the stepped plan which wraps around the pool. The early concepts of a solar home continues with modern technology and a 1950’s feel.


Arthur T. Brown Arthur T. Brown Arthur T. Brown